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Cangulf International Inc

Cangulf International Inc is a Canadian company offering Project Management and Business Development Services. The company is owned and managed by a group of senior professionals with decades of experience in a few distinct business sectors. The group covers a wide range of services in different industrial sectors based on the expertise of its advisers.

Cangulf offers a range of services from Project Management to Business Development provided through a flexible set of contract alternatives including short term, long term, and merit-based contracts. At Cangulf, we aim to professionally guide your program/business to a profitable and productive path. We would like to establish partnerships to secure and manage mutually beneficial opportunities in any part of the world.

Our services also cover pre-project consultations to analyze the business cases and manage these plans to best fit a company's strategic objectives. Our senior advisors have decades of expertise in such services. Project management services include all phases from initiation to planning, execution and closing. Needless to mention we are passionate about our work and provide QUALITY at COMPETITIVE PRICE. 

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