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Our wide breadth of skills covers a wide spectrum of industry

● Integrated Petroleum Value Chain Optimization
● Assist and Resolve Crude & Petroleum Products Quality, Contractual, Commercial and Technical Issues
● Assessment, Evaluation, Feasibility and Support in Marketing Oil & Gas products (LNG, LPG, Gasoline, Naphtha, Jet Fuels, Diesel, Bunker & other Quality Fuel Oils, Asphalt, Lubes)
● Project Management
● Pre & Post Advisory Services for RFQ Preparation and Evaluation
● System Integration
● Customized Solution Development, RFP and Tender
● Skilled Manpower Deployment, Customer Service, Callout & Escalation  System Management
● Vendor, Subcontractor Management
● Business Analysis & Operational Restructuring
● Research Administration
● Strategic Planning International Collaboration
● Program Development & Quality Assurance
● Education & Training Management
● Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Implementation and/or Conversion, Customization and Enhancement, etc.
● Development of Policies and Procedures
● Managing Growth & Transformation across Organization, Business or Geography
● Business Planning, Analysis and Development Strategies
● Varying Complexities of Financial Analysis (go/no go, outcome simulations, ongoing P & L, over the shoulder assistance)
● Financial or Structural Organization
● Financial or Operational Audits
● Project Budget and Funding Management
● Accounting procedures, Reconciliation and Account Receivable Administration
● Evaluation of Project feasibility studies thereby aiding decision making on the project and identifying reasons not to proceed
● Structuring, Management, and arrangement of Project funding (financing) of long-term infrastructure and industrial projects

We plan resources in such a way that our clients get the right expertise at every stage of
the project while avoiding the redundancy resulting in huge savings for our customers.